Replacing Your Roof.

When it comes to roof replacement, there are a lot of things to consider. One is that it not roof repair, it is roof replacement. That is removing the old shingles, underlayment, ventilation, etc. that is where we get to the wood surface to make sure your new roof will last for years to come. Any plywood or wood structure for your roof is inspected after the tear down and replace before the underlayment. Also, you will also need to have ice and water barrier to protect your roof deck so that your roof is protected from any water infiltration that is caused by any weather such as rain or snow. This is make sure that the water will flow around any areas such as chimneys, vents, valleys, and skylights.

Once your barrier is in place, time to consider what you want to use for your roof replacement. Most common is shingles, but there are options like metal and tile as well.

Ventilation is important to reduce heat and moisture buildup. It does require proper exhaust and intake.

Also, we make sure that any waste is disposed of keeping your property clean of debris and nails